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I looked at my calendar for Saturday. There were a couple of pretty fun commitments, not to mention cheat meal day! So, lots to look forward to. However, I felt so tired heading in to the weekend that it was difficult to muster even a bit of excitement. My introverted self just wanted to pull the covers over my head and hide from the world. But no way, man. Not going to do it. Grandson #1’s 4th birthday party and some Soul Pose Yoga are on the agenda! So, I’m out of bed early with attitude in check.

I’ve never been great at Yoga, but this looked super fun, sassy, empowering, and out of the ordinary. Plus, it gave me some time with great friends and a little mother-daughter love. I like that. So why not? The instructor, the music, the setup, the black lights, the confetti, the poses, they were all perfect. We will definitely be adding tutus next year. We all agreed on that!

Me getting my Crow pose on… for just a hot second.

The icing on the cake this time was that I was able to get into Crow pose. It wasn’t totally correct and I held the pose for only a few seconds, but how badass is that? Check me out!

I’m sorry (not really), but I always seem to find a way to relate my experiences back to weight, or maybe I should say health. Not because I think everyone on this earth judges a person or situation by how much those around them weigh, but because I know from experience, some do and it does matter. Here’s why.

Look at this group! So much fun!

Perception. We, the ones who’ve been skinny, average, obese, etc., we may think people treat us differently depending on our weight, and some people do – side note, those people are usually assholes with insecurities of their own – but most of that behavior (not all, but most) is on us. For me, and I’ve said this in previous Blogs, I feel different at each weight so I act differently. When I act differently, guess what? People treat me differently.

When I’m at an obese weight, I’m sluggish. I’m tired. I’m usually not eating healthy, which makes a big difference. I’m not exercising. Overall, I just feel like junk. When I’m too skinny, again, I’m not eating healthy and I’m not focused, so I don’t feel good. When I’m at an average weight and focused on overall health, I’m generally way more balanced and I act with intention and confidence. So, yes, people respond differently to me. Why wouldn’t they? It’s me. Not them.

Like the Harry Potter lightning bolt on Kayla Jo? I did that.

The reason I bring this up is that I am way more engaged in life and activities outside of my own little world when I’m healthy and well (weight just goes along with that). A year ago, I would not have even considered signing up for the Soul Pose Yoga class. I would not have gone to my grandson’s birthday early and I would have cut my visit there short. Sad. Very sad. Embarrassing to admit, but a true confession.

A great quote from one of my favorite sites, Thug Unicorn.

I hide when I feel bad. I don’t when I feel good. I’m still an introvert and I still hate crowds, but I manage my life. I don’t let life manage me. And that is a good thing. A very very good thing.

That’s all for now. But don’t let me forget to tell you about “the cupcake.” J

Be mindful of your perception of yourself and others.
Be brave enough to try new things often.
Be good to yourself always.

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