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There are 135 days until the NPC Southern Idaho Showdown and I want to compete. That’s my goal. There, I said it. Whew. What a relief. That was freaking scary, but now it’s out of the way and everybody knows.

I’ve held off saying anything concrete because I’m a chicken shit and I want everything perfect, on schedule, and confirmed before I commit to anyone other than my hubby, because “what if it doesn’t happen… or I’m not ready… or I have to wait until the next show, or…. blah blah blah?” I don’t want to be a slave to the “what ifs” anymore. The journey has been way too much fun so far not to share.

I’m 51 years-old. I’ve been pretty fit a few times in my life, but have never lifted weights for more than a few months at a time.

Super excited about my new gear.

I’ve always loved cardio type exercises like spinning, running, biking, swimming, hiking. You all already know that I struggle to maintain wellness and balance in my life. The easiest way to tell when I’m heading in to a tailspin is that I start to pack on the pounds. I quit focusing on my health and my body responds by putting on weight. I needed something different to keep me going.

New Bar Bell Babes Gear (Ignore the laundry!)

I’ve been working with Big Jon Fitness since the end of October 2017. This is something totally new for me and completely out of my comfort zone. I went in knowing I wanted to do a show, but having no idea when that might happen. I’m training with Jen, who walks the talk. She pushes me, encourages me, and believes in me. I’m constantly challenged and held accountable for the results. This is good for me.

May 26th is right around the corner. I don’t expect to place. I just want to be ready to get up on stage. I’ll be 100% compliant with the meal plans I’m given and with my workouts. I’ll share progress photos (even the embarrassing ones) and will Blog my way through so you all can enjoy the adventure with me! EXCITING!!

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