Lift Heavy…

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I didn’t get up this morning when the alarm went off. I woke up. But I didn’t get up. I feel like I should be disappointed. I’ve been so tired so I decided to stay in bed, under the warm covers, and rest. If it happens again, then I’ll be disappointed. But not today. I can’t remember the last time I took a rest day.

Sometimes I hate the tiny bit of OCD I have…

In this new culture I’m exploring (and loving), I often hear and see the words “lift heavy”. So, I try. I lift much heavier when my trainer is managing the weights (don’t we all?), but I try super hard to lift heavy when I’m working out alone too. It feels super good when I’m able to add weight. Sometimes, though, I get caught up in watching how much others lift and I have to remind myself that “heavy” is relative. My “heavy” is less than, or maybe even more than someone else’s “heavy” and that’s totally okay. It needs to be that way. That’s how we keep each other going. Right? That’s how most things in life work too. What’s heavy and hard for me may be a piece of cake for you, so I might just ask you to spot me while I get through tough spots, and I’ll do the same for you. See?

One last thought for today, because it’s on my mind. There are so many things to adjust to when you move. New neighborhood. New floor plan. New house noises. New street noises. New route to work. New grocery stores and gas stations. New everything under the sun. leg2It’s a bit overwhelming. My biggest issue is figuring out where I want to work out and at what time. I still haven’t found my rhythm here and it’s super frustrating. It doesn’t help that every gym is packed right now because everyone has the same resolution. I’ll keep at it though. I know that in no time at all my routine will fall right into place, just as it should.

In the meantime, enjoy a few pictures from leg day. Don’t worry, my heavy will get heavier in the very near future! Thanks to my amazing trainer, I’ll need some assistance walking tomorrow. Day two is most painful!

Peace Out ~ b

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