The Magic Begins

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I am officially into a brand spanking new chapter of my fitness journey. It’s so exciting, scary, exhilarating, and about as far out of my comfort zone as I can get.

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I often ask myself why I do these things. Why do I choose to do things that make me sweat with anticipation, anxiety, and fear? If they make me nervous and uncomfortable, then what’s the point? It always comes down to the same thing. It’s the best, most authentic adrenaline rush there is. And it lasts longer than any roller coaster I’ve ever been on. When I set out to do something that’s out of character it’s the best high ever. When I finish the journey, I’m ready for another. The experiences continue to build on each other and life just gets better.

When I walked through the door for my free consultation at Big Jon Fitness, I already knew my life was about to change, because I was ready for it and that’s what they (Big Jon Fitness) are there for.

Deep down,

Dec 2016… a good reminder 

 I was expecting Jon to say, “you’re too old for this” or “you have way too much cellulite to ever compete, there’s no helping that” or “hahahahahahahah YOU? You want to compete?” But he didn’t. He said, let’s see what happens, which basically means, “let’s start the process. If you have the mindset, we have the tools and support.”

I’ve been in “prep” for the NPC Southern Idaho Showdown since the last week of December 2017. But this has felt more like prep for prep. Things have recently kicked into high gear and I’ve no doubt it will get even more intense, but I’m prepared. Over the next 16 weeks I will move through a complete transformation, not just of my body. My body, though, will be the most visible aspect of the transformation. Everyone will see it happening, which is another point of serious discomfort.

Crowds make me have to poop. Being the one everyone is looking at makes me seriously paranoid. It makes my knees shake, my palms itch, and my heart race. I have these very same reactions (nervous tummy, shaky knees, itchy palms, increased heart rate, etc.) to roller coasters. But, I could ride roller coasters all day every day.

I love the adrenaline, the thrill of the fight, the rush of final victory, the sweet sensation of conquering fear. That’s what makes us tougher, stronger, and more resilient!

It will take every bit of strength I can muster, from every nook and cranny of my mind, body, and soul to successfully navigate my way through the next 16 weeks.

Let the magic begin..

My body can’t do this without the willpower of my mind, the commitment of my soul, or the strength and determination of my spirit.

If I do things right, everyone will know. If I don’t, everyone will know.

I can’t see it happening yet, but I trust my coach and I trust my trainer, and I want this. I don’t necessarily want to be declared “the winner”. The prize for me will be confidently walking out on that stage, knowing that I brought my best self every single day from the day I committed until the day I competed.

Let the magical transformation begin!


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